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Learn The Most Important Skill in Consultative Selling
Piggyback Questioning
Learn to recognize Key Words in prospect problem statements and write them down.
Ask multiple questions to fully understand the real meaning behind the words.
Learn how to conduct a deeper, more thorough needs assessment.
Featuring interactive exercises using voice recognition technology.
Featuring Voice Recognition Interactive Exercises
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Avatar Presents Problem Statement
Avatar voices typical problem statements offered by prospects.

User Responds
User responds by speaking their question into the smartphone.

Immediate Feedback
User gets immediate oral and pictorial feedback from the avatar.

Scoring Upon Completion
User receives scoring at end of each exercise set.
17 Minute Video Included in Piggyback App
Definition - Piggyback Questioning
Piggyback Questioning is the art of recognizing key words from prospect problem statements, and asking progressive questions to fully understand their true meaning.
Different Types of Questions
You will learn a variety of different types of questions that can be used in needs assessment meetings.
Three Steps in Needs Assessment
The three steps in needs assessment are: Problem Questions, Implication Questions, and Cost Questions.
Role Play Demonstration
Al Patey demonstrates Piggyback Questions in a role play using an example from the Building Materials industry.
Analyzing Problem Statements
Different problem statements are analyzed for key words. Examples of Piggyback Questions are given where the key words turn gold.
Four Minute Sample of Training Video on the Paradigm App
This four minute sampler video gives you an idea of some of the training on the extended video built into the app.
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